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Small Parts and Bearings supports various charities. Donations to these charities are made directly and indirectly. We will explain the two types of donation a little further down this page.

Charities we support

World Vision World Vision.
Become a child sponsor today and help save the life of one special child in need. We have been sponsoring World Vision children since 1995.

Learning For Life - The Smith FamilyThe Smith Family Learning for Life Programme.
In Australia today, one in seven children lives in a household where no resident parent is employed. Because of their family’s financial situation, many of these children are already at a disadvantage to their classmates before they even begin school. For example, few of these children have the benefit of early childhood learning opportunities. Many will have experienced very little reading time with their parents. Some don’t have access to vital education resources, such as reference books or the internet.

Special Childrens Christmas Party 4KQ Special Children’s Christmas Party
The aim of the Golden Casket Variety Special Children’s Christmas Party is to provide in excess of 3,000 children with a day they will never forget. The children come from four major groups: The terminally ill, the intellectually impaired, physically impaired and also the underprivileged who may be suffering from domestic violence or physical abuse. Children arrive from all over South East Queensland, from as far north as Caboolture, west to Gatton and south to Tweed Heads. This annual event is the biggest party of its kind in Queensland.

Local Schools Local Schools.
We support our local schools through occassional gifts for raffles, support with technology training and gifts to help less privileged children attend fun learning activities such as school camps and outings.

Community Non Profit Groups Community groups.
We support local community groups with donations for raffle prizes and other fund raising events. Support of community groups helps to make our community a better place all around. Support in recent years has been provided to the Meakin Park Model Raceway and other local sporting groups.

Direct Donations

Direct donations are donations that we make through payments from company profit. Our company group pledges 5% of net profits each year to the causes above.

Indirect Donations

Indirect donations are donations made through the clearing of outstanding credits and unclaimed goods. It is our policy to keep our accounts as up to date as possible. After a reasonable time unclaimed goods are offered for resale and unclaimed credits are reversed and applied to our donations pool. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions section 13.

Requests for Donation

All requests for donations must be made in writing to our P.O. Box as shown on our Contact Page.

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